The research-group Evaluation develops and tests ?

instruments and methods that enable people to achieve effective learning-processes through (self-) evaluation. Simultaneously, this research-group develops programmes that support the quality of evaluation in research, education, and practice.

Our Research Questions

  • How can the relevance of evaluation be maximised?
  • How does evaluation work in different cultural contexts (globally)?
  • How can the quality of evaluation be determined / ensured?
  • How should evaluation be organised, in order to effect learning- and behavioural changes in actors?
  • How can evaluation be integrated into the daily work-process?
  • How can education and training convey at least a minimum of competence in evaluation?

Our theoretical perspective
Consistently following standards of social-scientific excellence, we need to begin to view evaluation from the perspective of disciplines that deal with ?living systems? and their feedback-control-processes. Our hypothesis is that through such an approach, not only solutions to contemporary challenges, but also radically new dimensions and functions for evaluation can be found.




Mag. Anita Winder


Themes & Projects

Methods for the evaluation of projects and programmes / project evaluation
Evaluation in cross-cultural contexts
Evaluation of/for people with cognitive impairments


Evidence-based evaluation

User-support for professional evaluation

Quality of evaluation


This research-group is open to interested persons from academic or practical fields.