The research-group Learning-Processes

This research-group tackles the problem that initiatives for education or development often do not yield the desired results in actual practice. It analyses relations of efficacy, generates the relevant models of efficacy, and develops innovative solutions.

Our Research Questions

  • How can new insights from (neuro-) biology be used in learning strategies?
  • How should feedback-processes be arranged, so that they foster individual and institutional learning?
  • How should systems of learning and management be arranged in order to achieve practical effects?
  • How should a project be planned and conducted in order to enable 'learning on the project'?
  • How is gender equality and fairness maintained in learning- and development-processes?
  • How can human diversity and different perspectives be used productively?
  • How can individual and institutional learning and development be supported via the Internet?






Dr. Martin Kaufmann

Themes & Projects


The logics of effective action: the proEval Loop.

Learning in / with projects

Wirkung und Performance mit online-BioLogik erhöhen

Evaluation of education and learning-processes

Physical exercise and learning

Systems of learning and of quality in clinical pastoral care


This research-group is open to interested persons from academic or practical fields.