The research-group Quality of Life

Sophisticated and cutting-edge research on 'quality of life' constitutes a solid basis for using 'quality of life' as a concrete and practical goal. This opens new dimensions in the various domains like work and leisure, the consumption of public and private goods, living situations, communication, traffic and commuting. Two years ago, this research-group began, through applied research and development, to apply basic knowledge on quality of life to concrete domains of life.

Our Research Questions

  • What is 'quality of life'?
  • How can people know their own quality of life?
  • How can quality of life be reliably measured?
  • How can quality of life be improved in old age?
  • What does quality of life mean in the care of the disabled?
  • How can quality of life be integrated in systems of quality and management (ISO, EFQM,
    QAP, BSC)?
  • Quality of life as a dimension in the Balanced Scorecard
  • Quality-of-life oriented leadership
  • Quality of life as a measure of success and control: from the client to policy-making
  • Quality of life and efficiency in companies and entire social systems


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Dr. Richard Hennessey

Themes & Projects
The 'Dornbirn model' of quality of lifeas

Reliable recording / measurement of quality of life

Quality of life in the care of the disabled
Quality of life as a measure of success in (quality) management

Quality of life and spirituality
Quality of life and social planning 



This research-group is open to interested persons from academic or practical fields.