The research-group Quality of Services

This research-group develops scientific concepts and methods to gauge and develop the quality of services in different contexts. Regardless of the content of service (what service is given), the researchers examine how service-processes need to be conducted in order to achieve high quality. In this regard, direct interaction between two or more people is central ? be it in service-processes, co-operations, or in projects.

Our Research Questions

  • What are useful concepts and methods to reliably record and improve the quality of services and co-operations?
  • In how far do existing concepts (e.g. the ServQual-concept by Zeithaml et al.) cover the special
    requirements of a given field (e.g. social services)?
  • Are such concepts transferable to other cultural contexts, or do they have to be adapted?
  • What is the influence of a high quality of services on the results and sustainability of projects and
  • What is the meaning and importance of a high quality of services in the care of the old or
  • How does a high quality of services affect the quality of life of people in nursing homes?
  • How can a high quality of services improve the productivity of social institutions?



Dkfm. Roland Mangold

Themes & Projects

Quality of services in different cultural contexts (globally)

Transferability of cross-cultural experiences to other fields

Evaluation of quality of services in psycho-social institutions

Evaluation of quality of services in international aid organisations

Concepts and methods to evaluate the quality of social services


This research-group is open to interested persons from academic or practical fields.