The research-group Health & Productivity

This research-group develops and provides scientifically based support for organisations that are interested in improving the health and productivity of their members/employees.

  • It explores the factors affecting health and productivity in certain companies/fields;
  • whether / how these factors may be influenced;
  • it develops methods and processes for professional (self-) evaluation of these factors;
  • and provides scientific support to companies to develop / improve these factors.

The aim of this research-group is practical efficacy. The group has special competence in the fields:

  • geriatric and disability care
  • social work and health care
  • public administration
  • international development
  • church groups and organisations

and in the domains of:

  • quality of life
  • diversity management / equality
  • quality management
  • physical competence
  • project management





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Mag. Anita Winder

Themes & Projects

Gender equality and fairness in EFQM-applications

Recording factors of health and productivity

Factors of health and productivity in international development

Enhancement of productivity and quality through physical competence

From knowledge to practice: motivation-intention-volition

Pressure, stress and burnout in care-giving professions



This research-group is open to interested persons from academic or practical fields.