The research-group Old Age develops and tests?

? concepts, programmes and methods, in order to enable policy-makers, public administration, professionals, and seniors themselves to successfully meet the challenge of ?old age?.

Our Research Questions

  • What is necessary to enable old people to live autonomously and independently for as long as
  • What are systems of support that help older people to actively use their human potentials?
  • What laws and conditions are needed to ensure fairness, quality, and (financial) sustainability of
    geriatric care-systems?
  • Quality of life as the measure of success and control in geriatric care
  • What kind of geriatric care-systems ensure both quality and productivity?
  • Future geriatric care
  • How can industry, the service sector, and the crafts benefit from old age (?silver economy?)?

Our approach
We regard the thematic complex of ?aging? not only from the perspective of this field?s established disciplines, but we also take into account disciplines that document living systems and their self-regulation processes (biology, neuro-biology, cybernetics). Furthermore, the consistent integration of insights from teaching and learning yields completely new dimensions and spaces for development in geriatric care.



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Dkfm. Roland Mangold

Themes & Projects

Quality of life as a measure of success and control in geriatric care

Trans-regional learning in geriatric care

Quality-systems in geriatric care

social governance

Quality of life and social planning

Pedagogy in geriatric care

Indicators and benchmarks for public / political administration of old age

This research-group is open to interested persons from academic or practical fields.